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Restaurants & Pubs

If you were searching for a new restaurant, how would you decide where to book?

Benefits for your restaurant

30% higher bookings

At New York Restaurant Week, businesses with a virtual tour had a 30% higher click through to reservations from Google, than businesses who did not have a virtual tour!

Increased walk ins

The tours are mobile compatible and integrated via the official Google Maps App, enabling people to discover your restaurant whilst they are out and about!

Attract customers from further afield

Our Google Virtual Tours will give people the confidence that your restaurant is worth the trip, rather than their local options – this is especially important to attract customers from further afield or if your restaurant or pub isn’t easily accessible!

Event & group bookings

Our Google Virtual Tours showcase all areas of your restaurant or pub, making it extremely easy for people to be confident your venue has the right setting and feel for them, driving group bookings and venue hire.

Reservations teams find the tours to be an unrivalled sales tool to drive conversion from initial enquiry to booking! For example, TCG Bars “received a £3,500 booking on a normally quiet Tuesday night because of our virtual tours”.

Customers want to see inside

If you were searching to book a restaurant for a romantic meal, to meet up with old friends or to celebrate your parent’s birthday… How would you go about choosing?

Chances are the interior of the restaurant would form an important part of your decision. Our Google Virtual Tours will showcase your restaurant or pub to its maximum potential and drive increased reservations, walk-ins and venue hire!

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