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Offices & Conference Space

If you were searching for a new office, how would you decide where to visit and book?

Benefits for your office space

Increase enquiries & bookings

For any business, searching for office space is a highly time-consuming task. Our Google Virtual Tours make their decision much easier and will dramatically increase viewings!

Businesses want to be assured that your offices will be a worthwhile visit before calling, and your tour will showcase the office in the best possible light – proving that you’re not ‘just another office’.

Direct bookings

When booking a meeting room, most people want to know what the room is like and be assured that it is suitable for their needs.

Our Google Virtual Tours inspire confidence in prospective customers to book directly with a stunning 360º tour that shows off your spaces in a transparent and engaging way.

Differentiate your office & meeting rooms

When choosing a meeting room or serviced office, there are scores of options for people to choose from so how do you make sure yours stand out every time?

Our Google Virtual Tours beautifully showcase the little touches (lights, fixtures, fittings etc.) which make your meeting rooms and offices unique, giving people every reason to favour your venue and choose yours over the competition!

What our clients say

Across the Ideal Insight group we've produced more than 4,100 shoots in the last 7 years, delivering a 5 star service to our happy clients around the world.

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